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 Kira's Adventures of a Minpin
 Kira at Pets At Home
 My first adventure
 My first adventure
 Is this my best side?
 Fun in the sun
 Fully awake!
 Feeling tired!
 I'm shy really!
 I love to dig in the garden!
 Let's play hide & seek mam!
 There's a rat down the drain, what am i gonna do!
 Baby photos
 OK, this is my bed right!?
 Don't stop!
 Hey, look at me!
 Play time!
 Hello Mr pussy cat!!
 Trip to the beach
 Feeling good!
 Me with my mam!
 Taking in the views
 My first holiday
 Say cheese!
 Hey, can you see us?
 OK, that's enough pictures now!
 Big smile for the camera!
 Is that a dog i can see?
 Can i have a back scratch please?!
 Wanna play?
 It's mine!
 OK, i submit!
 Can i lick your plate?
 Fine, i'll ask daddy!
 Go on, please!
 Give it to me!!
 Lots of lovely pics
 I'm happy when i'm eating my chew!
 This is a big chew!
 Model pose!
 My feet are cold!
 Welcome to where i sleep!
 It's big enough for me!
 This is my doughnut bed!
 I like to play in my bed too!
 New arrival
 Hugs off my new daddy!
 'That's my chew!!'
 What's that?
 Sleeping with my new mammy and sister.
 Our friends
 Baby geese
 Cheeky Boy!
 Serious pose!
 He he what fun!!
 Time to stretch out
 This is the life
 Oooh bugs!
 Sounds and video
 Ruby & Lily
 More Ruby
 And even more Ruby
 More lily
 Ruby again
 Our pedigrees
 Serious stuff