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On Saturday 30th March 2002 my mammy and daddy got me a new baby brother. His pedigree name is Tubize Danny Boy but i call him Kai. He was born on 27th December 2001 and is nothing but trouble!
Hugs off my new daddy!!

'Hello Kira, i'm Kai' Not sure if she likes me yet.

Why is that dog watching me all the time? You'd think i had something of hers!!
'That's my chew!!'

Hi! I'm Kai, Kira's new baby brother. This is the new home i've come to live in. It's lovely because i have a new mammy and daddy and a big sister to play with.
What's that?

This is nice, i think i could get used to this!! What's that flashing all the time?
Sleeping with my new mammy and sister.

Mmmmmm! I've still got this lovely chewy thing and i'm not giving it back!!

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