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I'm happy when i'm eating my chew!
To keep my teeth white and sparkly i eat these chews. They are lovely!
I throw them in the air, but mam doesn't like it because i knock the ornaments over. Ooops!
This is a big chew!

Model pose!
I saw snow for the first time at xmas '99. I was scared at first and wondered what this cold white stuff was. I soon got used to it. I also saw my first Xmas tree, the pine needles tasted nice!
My feet are cold!

Welcome to where i sleep!
This is the kitchen in my house. This is where i sleep at night. We have a new floor now so it's warmer for me in the winter.
It's big enough for me!

This is my doughnut bed!
I have two beds. This is the one i like to stretch out in in front of the fire and also in the sun. It's good for playing in too.
I like to play in my bed too!
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