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Wanna play?
I love to play but my most favourite thing besides my mammy is my chew.

I lie in my bed for hours chewing it. Sometimes i can eat a whole one in a day.


It's mine!
I have a rope toy which i like to play with and chew.

I do love to be tickled on my belly though.

OK, i submit!

Can i lick your plate?
If the tray is on the floor then the food is mine!

Mam doesn't think the same though so i go and ask daddy instead.

Fine, i'll ask daddy!

Go on, please!
I always have to sit nicely and ask for my food with both paws.

If i don't do it properly i don't get it so have to keep trying.

Give it to me!!
Copyright © 2002 L Thomas & N S Carless