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My first holiday
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This is me with my mam on the pier. I could sit and look at all the boats in the water and also look out for seals and dolphins.
Say cheese!

I found a gap in the sand dunes and thought it would be funny to go and hide from mam. Do you think she could see us?
Hey, can you see us?

After a long day out in the sun and lots of ice cream i really wanted to go home to my bed and sleep. The sea air really makes me tired.
OK, that's enough pictures now!

It's great having your picture taken. I don't think my daddy likes it though!
Big smile for the camera!

There were lots of other dogies on the beach that day. I wonder if they were on holiday too? Some of them were too big for me to play with though and they were too interested in running after sticks anyway. They must be dull to chase sticks!!
Is that a dog i can see?

After some food and a good sleep it was time to play again. I love to get my back scratched and play in general.
Can i have a back scratch please?!

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