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It was a nice day at the end of the summer, very windy though but sunny. I love the sun!

The sand felt all soft between the pads of my paws. I don't think mam liked the mess in the car later!

The water looked refreshing but i don't like to go in the water i only like to drink it. I hate to have a bath!

I'd never seen sand before and felt a little reluctant on times.

The lead didn't help either as i really don't like it. I always go and hide as soon as the lead is taken out from the cupboard when it's time for a walk.

Me with my mam!
Mam and i posed for some pictures that my daddy took. What do you think? OK or what!

This picture makes it look like it was warm, but the wind was really strong and i really wished i was in the warmth of the car and not sitting here having my picture taken....again!

Taking in the views
I could see the water and lots of other doggies and people playing on the beach. It was lovely, all that fresh sea air.

We went for a really long walk and i was really tired after that.

I slept all the way home in the car!

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