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This was my first bed at my new home. It's so warm and cosy for me to sleep in.
OK, this is my bed right!?

I loved to snuggle up close to my new mam as soon as i went to live with her.
Don't stop!

I was, and am still confused as to whether i'm a cat or a dog on times. I like to jump up on the arms and the backs of chairs and balance there.
Hey, look at me!

My mam and dad bought this new blanket for me too! They had it from the charity shop so that other people could also benefit.

I liked this toy until i ripped it apart! Nevermind i have loads more to play with now, including a mobile phone toy which rings!
Play time!

I liked to chase this cat and stop him from pooping in my garden. He died though so he doesn't poop there anymore and i don't have another cat to chase.
Hello Mr pussy cat!!

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