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A trip to have my picture taken

My mammy and daddy took me to Pets at Home to have my picture taken. Kira had hers done a couple of years ago so i had to have mine done too so that my photos could go on the living room wall too!!
Serious pose!

What better way to spend the day, lying in the sun. Aah!
Time to stretch out

Soaking up the sun is the best thing ever. I'm glad Kira told me about this pastime.


OK, i've done the serious stuff now, time to play around with the cameraman a bit!! Ha ha, i really did put him through his paces. I don't think mam was amused though, she kept telling me to sit and stay!! Ooops!

He he what fun!!

Hey mam look at me, don't you think it's clever?
This is the life

There are so many curious creatures in this garden. No wonder Kira spends so much time out here.
Oooh bugs!

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