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This is our mummy's mummy's dog. We don't tend to get on as we are both little girls. Kai doesn't seem to mind her but i'm not sure what she thinks of him yet!

In this picture Mina was guarding the Christmas chocolates. Funny dog!!

This was our daddy's mummy's dog. He's passed on to the doggie world in the sky now so i don't see him anymore. Kai never got to meet Mac.

I liked going to see Mac as i used to steal his biscuits and eat them!! We loved to play together too and chase toys around the living room.

This is our mummy's brother's dog. She is far too big for us to play with. She wants to play with us but can be really rough!

However, Kai does love playing with her. They play tug of war with the rope toy and Kai bites her ears and neck and won't leave go!! He also loves to sleep next to her as she is warm.

Picture soon
This is our mummy's auntie's dog. She's really fluffy and warm. Kai loves her as she's a girl!!

Baby Geese

In the spring these baby geese were born. We went over the lake for a walk to see them.

Aren't they cute?! Neither Kai nor i would go near them as their mammy and daddy were protecting them by hissing.

This is a swan which also lives over the lake near where we live. I think it was asleep but it looks dead!!

There are lots of ducks also in the lake but we aren't allowed to chase them. Humans always spoil our fun!!

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